We have answered below some of the regular, and not so regular questions we are asked about our activities and business and market research analysis in general. What do you want to know? Either scroll through the headings, or find your question in the alphabetical list below and go straight to the answers.

Is it all about the numbers?


Is it all about the numbers?
Definitely not! Though we specialise in numerically based techniques, qualitative methods greatly enrich business knowledge, and such information is often included in our projects. More importantly, we do not present you with 'lots of numbers'. We provide graphical and word based descriptions of our findings, which clients find easy to use.

What do the results look like?

Each set of outputs is unique, but we can provide you with examples of the different types of output. Depending on your requirements, we can supply ‘raw’ results; annotated results, with guidance on their interpretation; or results in a charted or written report format (for example in Excel, PowerPoint or Word).
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How do I deal with missing data?

Though not true of all multivariate techniques, for many there are very effective ways of dealing with missing data, and therefore retaining the original sample size.

How do you charge?

We have hourly and daily rates, and are happy to charge on an hours worked / days worked basis or to charge on a fixed quotation basis where the requirements are pre-agreed.

How are your charts and reports formatted?

Any way you want. We can supply them in a ‘bland’ set up, ready for you to drop into your own style, or you can supply us with the templates you with to use and we will follow that layout.