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Are you a business that wants to carry out market research?
A business consultant who wants to conduct market research for a client?

Our specialism is data analysis, synthesis, and interpretation. Our background is in market research and forecasting. We do occasionally manage market research projects on behalf of clients, or provide advice on how to proceed. The table below concentrates on quantitative research, but we can also advise on qualitative or combined methodologies.

  We can…
ADVISE you what to do MANAGE on your behalf CONDUCT on your behalf
DATA COLLECTION Market research project design      
Questionnaire design      
Interview methodology      
Sampling and sample size      
Fieldwork / data collection      
DATA PROCESSING Data entry / data capture      
Data cleaning      
Coding frames / coding open responses      
Production of tables (cross-tabulations and significance testing)      
ANALYSIS & REPORTING Analysis strategy      
Interpretation(based on tables and normal significance level testing)      
Advanced analysis & synthesis      
Presentation production      
Presentation delivery / workshops with end clients      

Market Research

Information is essential to a successful business, large or small. Market research can help you set business objectives and make plans to achieve them; it can help you to solve business problems; and it can help your business to grow. As examples, clients use market research to: establish market size for a product or service identify potential customers evaluate price sensitivity explore market gaps measure customer or employee satisfaction

New to Market Research?

What use is market research?

Market research lets you look at the world through the eyes of the consumer, the customer, the public, your clients, your competitors, your employees. It helps you understand these people, and their views of services, products, and the world in general. Of course, to do this you must ask the right questions of the right people, and know what to do with the data you collect. Can it help my business? If you have clients, employees, provide servives or products, or a business plan, then yes. Examples of types of market research There are many different forms of research, including: Types of market research developing new services awareness and communication customer / client satisfaction employee engagement service delivery future needs research

Market Research Practitioners

We offer support services that even the largest market research companies often do not have in-house. Our specialisms are our advanced analytical techniques and the production of clear actionable results and presentations.

Business Consultants

Every good consultant has alliances with other specialists. Whether you have a one-off requirement or a long-term need, we can help. You may be interested in modelling, segmentation, key driver analysis; or perhaps you need direct market research support.

Market Research Services

Market research projects
We can manage and advise on market research projects, though we are not a market research agency. We would recommend you talk to us if you plan to collect data that requires advanced analysis.

Question and questionnaire design
Please ask for our help in questionnaire design if you know you require advanced analysis of your research findings. Asking the right questions in the best way for later analysis improves the veracity of your results.


Are you a business that wants to carry out market research?

A business consultant who wants to conduct market research for a client?