Segmentation benefits

Describe your customers, their behaviours and attitudes from information you already hold.

Identify potential customers from their shared characteristics with existing customers.

Use segmentation to predict their likely behaviour and improve targeting.





















Effective segmentation is the key to delivering greater value to your customers. Groups of customers have differing requirements, segmentation recognises these diiferences between groups and communality within groups. It helps to identify new business oportunities and niche markets. Segmentation can also reveal currently unprofitable customer groups. Different segmentations can be based on customers, potential customers, competitors, products.

How we segment

We provide effective segmentations by a number of different techniques, depending on the data available and your requirements. These an include combining market research and internal company records, and mapping information back onto other records. Each segment has its own unique pen portrait. These portraits are invaluable for identifying new markets, key customer target groups - by profitability or size - and understanding competitor activity.